Exploring Our Identity: A Three-Week Series

Today at Lowhill, we began  a three-week series looking at the spiritual and historical “DNA” of our church.  What does it mean to understand and embrace our identity as Christ’s Church at Lowhill, a United Church of Christ where God is still speaking?

We’ll look at our identity in three parts:

  • Christ’s Church at Lowhill (today)
  • a United Church of Christ (September 3)
  • where God is Still Speaking… (September 10: Rally Day/Fill The Pews Sunday)

This week, we looked closely at the first part of our identity.  By exploring the history of the words Christ and Church, how they relate to each other, and what it means to be a people of God belonging to Christ and situated in a local, particular context, we considered what it means to be Christ’s Church at Lowhill here and now.

Today’s scriptures and study notes on the history of the words Christ and Church can be downloaded in an easy-to-read format by clicking here: Word Study August 27-Christ:Church.

Peter’s recognition of Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, is the starting point for our response as Jesus’ people.  “Thou art the Christ,” Peter said.  And we are the Church.  As Christ’s Church at Lowhill, we belong to Jesus, we are a people gathered for a purpose, and are called to minister to the heart of our community!