Lenten Bible Study Starts this Wednesday!

Lenten Bible Study:  Jesus’ Final Week

Please join us each Wednesday throughout Lent at 6:30 in the Social Hall for a this year’s Lenten Bible Study focusing on the final week in the earthly life of Jesus.  In this study, we’ll look at the narrative scope of the events immediately leading to Jesus’ crucifixion, starting with the accounts of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem mere days before the tide of popular opinion would turn against him.  By exploring these events, we will have better prepared our hearts and spirits for Easter, and we will have better prepared ourselves to be the Easter people Jesus enables us to be.

Weeks and Themes:

  February 21: The Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:1-11)

  February 28: Clearing the Temple (Mark 11:12-19)

  March 7: Teaching on the Mount of Olives (Matthew 24: 1 – 31)

  March 14: Jesus and His People at Prayer

  March 21: Last Supper Special Seder Presentation with Rev.     

     Dr. Steve Shussett*

  March 28: Good Friday (Matthew 27)