Understanding the Holy Spirit (Video)

We’re celebrating Pentecost this Sunday, and welcome everyone to celebrate the coming of God’s Holy Spirit in the historic life of the church.

But what does any of that actually mean?

This video, from non-profit studio The Bible Project, does an excellent job connecting the story of the Holy Spirit throughout scripture and experience.

Breaking Babel, Building the Body of Christ

It was wonderful to worship together with organ, piano, and acoustic guitar! We also explored the Tower of Babel story by building and destroying our own tower of self-centeredness, then rebuilding it on the altar, piece by piece, into a representation not of our own pride or desires, but of the Body of Christ!

As always, you can check out our morning video stream at our Facebook page in case you weren’t able to be with us in person yesterday.   This coming Sunday, we’re celebrating Pentecost with flourishes of color, exciting music, and the story of the pouring of the Holy Spirit on the early church.  In many ways, the Pentecost story is a reversal of yesterday’s story of Babel.  Whether you’ve been in worship with us recently or not,  come help celebrate the often-forgotten power of Pentecost.  Join us this week!  We’re not just inviting you to church, but to a mission to build a world on earth as it is in Heaven…a just world for all, where each and all know the power, provision, and protection of God in the Body of Christ.

Make a Joyful Noise in Babel…

Getting ready to look at the Tower of Babel story on Sunday, and incorporating David Gray’s 1998 hit “Babylon” into a call and response with Keith Green’s “Create in Me a Clean Heart.” We’ll have piano, organ, and acoustic guitars leading us in worship! Join us!


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Worship Series: The Kingdom of God is Like…


Throughout the Gospels, Jesus uses parables of everyday life to explain the radical hope and promise of the Kingdom of God.  Through stories about things as vital as planting and harvesting, working and leading, preparing food and sharing it, Jesus reveals a compelling vision.

We’ll follow this theme Sunday mornings, September 24 – October 15.  We’re also excited to celebrate World Communion Sunday on October 1 and Harvest Home on October 15 in this context.  Join us!