Bucket List Update!

Dear Friends,
Thank you to all who have already donated toward our Bucket List drive for disaster clean-up in areas affected by the recent hurricanes! Thanks also to everyone who has been helping to spread the word!
We are still collecting needed items, and I have an update about both the timeline and items still needed to complete our set of buckets.
The Penn Northeast Conference (our regional setting of the United Church of Christ) will be making our region’s first drop-off to Church World Service facilities sometime in next week or so.  The PNEC Disaster relief team will also continue to accept buckets through the rest of the month, as we’d anticipated doing. Working in concert with PNEC helps be an active part of the mission life of the Conference and connects us in mission with our sister churches throughout the region.
We have already collected a 5 completed buckets and we’ve also collected many materials toward assembling more complete buckets!  In and of itself, this is fantastic job! Thank you to everyone who has already responded and to everyone who has been asking about what items are still needed. 


We were blessed with a large donation of empty buckets, of which 22 remain. 

Ann Haley took an inventory of remaining items (thank you, Ann!)

Here’s the break down of what we would need to fill every single bucket:

  • (17) large sponges   
  • (15) scrub brushes
  • (22) 12-count packs of Handi-Wipes (or other brand) reusable cleaning cloths/towels. Other counts also accepted. 
  • (8) 50 oz liquid laundry detergent (also accepted as (2) 25 oz bottles).
  • (16) 16-28 oz liquid disinfectant dish soap
  • (19) 12-16 oz household cleaner to mix with water
  • (19) 100 ft clotheslines (also accepted as (2) 50 ft clotheslines)
  • (9) pairs of work gloves (leather or leather palm)
  • (11) boxes of heavy duty contractor 35-40 gallon trash bags
  • (10) non-aerosol inspect repellant (6-9 oz)

Filling every bucket is a pretty big goal, but I think we can do it!  If you’d like to contribute but aren’t able to shop yourself, you can also donate funds toward the effort, 100% of which will be spent on these needed items.  

Thank you everyone!

-Pastor Chris