Lowhill at The Great Allentown Fair!

The Great Allentown Fair is marking a major milestone this year: 2017 brings the 165th installment of this time-honored and forward-thinking Lehigh Valley tradition!

Lowhill’s connection to the farming communities at the heart of the fair go back to our founding, and we’re proud of the modern farmers and historic farming families at the heart of our community. We’re also especially proud of Christ’s Church at Lowhill’s very own Bev Gruber, the first woman to serve as President of the Great Allentown Fair! “I encourage everyone to come out to the Fair and help celebrate Lehigh County Agriculture!” Bev said. Her energy, dedication, and enthusiasm for the Fair are a key to its continuing success, as is the great work done by the entire fair staff and the leaders and members of the Lehigh County Agricultural Society.

The Lowhill Church Choir is honored to be participating once more in the Fair’s Opening Ceremonies, and Pastor Chris is excited to be giving the invocation. “The Great Allentown Fair is easily one of my favorite Lehigh Valley traditions,” he said. “My family has been involved with the fair for over 40 years. I have never left summer without it!”

Join us for this year’s Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday, August 29 at 5PM in the RCN Farmarama Theater!