In Search Of

Dear Friends,

In celebration of our 250th anniversary this year, we are energized by our past, excited about the present, and faithfully embracing the future. In response to growing needs in our church and in the wider community, in response to the United Church of Christ’s renewed commitment to caring for children and families, and in faithful response to the direction the Holy Spirit is calling us here and now, we have created a new part-time (15 hours) position of Director of Christian Education, Youth, and Family Ministries.

We are looking for a partner in this exciting new season of ministry who is both willing to learn and able to lead.  The right candidate will be eager to plug into the life of the church, to work closely with the Pastor as part of the Ministry Staff, and to work with children, youth, and families in our church family and beyond.

We know that when we consistently provide ministry for families and children, families and children respond.  Even without reaching out to the larger community, there are enough wonderful children, youth, and families right here in our midst that faithfully participate in many different aspects of our church life.  One of these areas is Sunday School, an area of ministry that will now be staffed by the right candidate for this new position.

The Director will also serve as a resource for the Christian Education Committee and the SPIRIT (intergenerational ministry) Committee, as well as being part of the worshiping and witnessing life of the church on Sunday mornings and in the wider community. We have been exploring these possibilities for sometime, and believe that funding this part-time position now will serve the children, youth, and families already here with us, young people their parents we have promised through vows of baptism and confirmation to nourish, care for, and support.  Please keep this process in your prayers as we begin to search for the right partner in ministry!

Interested candidates may send a cover letter and resume to