Welcome to a Journey with Jesus

Here at Lowhill, our leadership team has started to read and discuss a book called Real Good Church by Molly Phinney Basket.  It’s a great resource and we’re having some great discussions because of it.

Something that emerged from our last leadership meeting was the idea of intentional welcome.   Three questions emerged from that idea that I wanted to take a moment to share.

In terms of our life at Lowhill:

Who is welcome?

How do they know they are welcome?

What are we welcoming them to?

The consensus we came to:

Who is welcome?   Everyone is welcome (and wanted).

How do they know they welcome? We’re not exactly sure if we’re conveying that welcome as publicly as possible. It’s something we’re thinking about how to act more visibly on.

What are we welcoming everyone to?  Simply put, we’re welcoming each other, our community, our friends and neighbors –and everyone else– to get to know Jesus better.  We don’t think we have all the answers, and we know that your presence with us will help us get to know Jesus better, too.

That’s not a bad start toward articulating who we are and why we gather.

Boiled down to one sentence:

We’re a church where everyone is welcome to be part of a journey with Jesus, and we’ll hope you’ll join us!

– Pastor Chris