Responsive Offering Prayer

From today’s service:

Let us sacrifice to God our own broken spirits;

LORD, cleanse and heal our broken, hungry hearts. 

Make us artisans of justice, crafters of mercy, makers of peace. 

Build your kingdom in us!  Make us builders of your kingdom come.

True worship is this:

justice-seeking, providing for, protecting

forgotten, lonely people;

impoverished people,

persecuted people.

People just like Jesus.

People just like us.

What else can we give back to God, with all God’s given us?  We offer our own broken spirits, our own humble, hungry hearts. We offer you, LORD, nothing less than what you’ve given us — our lives, our selves, our all.

We give you but your own, our will joined to yours

our death joined to yours,

empowered by your Spirit

for resurrection now.

Glory and honor and praise be unto you our God,

forever and ever.