Bible Study and Small Group Ministry

Starting September 20, Pastor Chris Cocca will be leading a Bible Study at Christ’s Church at Lowhill every Wednesday evening at 6PM.



September 20 – November 1

The Bible as Literature, Then and Now.  In this series, we’ll look at the various types of literature in the Bible as we consider the theme that “God is still speaking.”  How do books of the Bible speak to each other?  How do they speak to us?

We’ll learn about why certain texts were written certain ways, and what that tells us about the Bible as a relevant resource for our journey of faith now. There are many ways to think about the questions we’ll encounter. One way of framing it: who wrote the Bible…and why?
We’ll look at eight different types of Biblical literature (History, Law, Prophecy, Wisdom, Poetry, Gospels, Epistles, Revelation), how each is meant to be understood in its original context, and what that means for modern readers and modern life.  Join us!

November 7 – November 28
Preparing for the Advent Conspiracy
 Small Group Study focusing on the themes of the Advent Conspiracy, a way of preparing for Advent and Christmas by focusing on what really matters.

Week 1 (11/7): Worship Fully
Week 2 (11/14): Spend Less
Week 3 (11/21): Give More
Week 4 (11/28): Love All

We’ll revisit these themes throughout Advent, and this study is meant to help us simplify our Christmas routines, even as we amplify the impact of the Christmas story in our lives and our communities.